Sunday, July 29, 2007

My First Review

This is neat, I found my first non-TMNT web review (in that it was put up on a site that wasn't a Turtle one).

San Diego's sold-out Saturday was a bit of a trip. I finally got around to doing some back issue scrounging and found the final Sam and Max comic I'd been looking for, although I didn't get Mr. Purcell to sign it, as I'd already hit him up for a sketch of Sam (which looked awesome and will go perfectly with the Max he drew for me the day before) and another art print he'd just recieved for that day.

Also got to meet Ed Brubaker, who is one of the nicest guys you could want to meet, and who also signed my copy of The Man Who Laughs, which was awesome!

I also got to meet another writer who I look up to an incredible amount -- Brian Michael Bendis -- who signed my copy of New Avengers #1 (I have so much stuff I would have liked to sign, but I think when it comes to these sorts of things, one should take what they like best or what means the most) and was cool enough to grab a copy of my own Tales of the TMNT --AND-- get me to sign it for him! Thanks Mr. Bendis!

I was also fortunate enough to dig up a copy of Joe Quesada's incentive variant of New Avengers #1 (something I'd left at home) and have him sign that (which was also signed by David Finch and Brian Bendis) which was awesome! Corza got a photo of me with the dude, so I'll put that up later!

Mike Carlin had some great advice on speaking to editors and getting in touch with them about particular stories, and C.B. Cebulski asked me give him a copy of Tales #36 today! Mr. Cebulski is another person I've found in the industry to be a genuinely great person, even if he didn't want to be there or talk to another no-name writer, he certainly didn't show and was very positive and I suppose inspiring in a sense. Either way a great guy to talk to, and, as I said in my last post, had some great advice.

Bruce Timm did a sketch of Raphael for me! He didn't want to at first, claiming I'd be disappointed when I returned for the picture, but God damn... if it wasn't the most awesome thing I'd ever seen! This is the guy, who, along with Paul Dini, pretty much shaped the way I saw the Batman, and hugely influenced the way I write and see the comic book world - and that probably seeps out into Tales #36 - I was completely over the moon! I'll post pictures when I get the chance! It truly is an awesome thing for me personally! Thank's Bruce, looking forward to seeing you in October!

I'll post more later, gotta go get brekky!



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SpideyMan said...

Wow, Thanks for Reading my review man! Glad you liked it! If it comes off short, sorry, I wrote it about 2:00 A.M. and was a litle tired. Anyways I really enjoyed it and Enjoyed Writing about it.

Thank You!