Friday, August 03, 2007

Just a quick update for now... big one following shortly.

I've arrived in Northampton, which really is a beautiful place (especially after spending the past few days in the sweltering city of New York!). I'm about to meet Steve Murphy, the man to whom I owe too much, at Mirage Studios.

I managed to find TMNT for the GBA in a supermarket here! Couldn't believe it! I searched high and low, all over Melbourne for this game and I find it here in a supermarket of all places.

We head back to NYC after breakfast tomorrow. Times Square is ridiculous. The city is unbelievable. I've geeked out at far too many Ghostbusters shooting locations and the Museum of Natural History is awesome!

I also drink far too many smoothies from Jamba Juice there. It's the Aussie equivalent of a Boost Juice - but better! WAY better!

Anyway, gotta run!

Photos from SDCC, San Diego Zoo, and NYC will be coming shortly. Meanwhile, look here:

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