Sunday, December 27, 2009

BookFace and the Ghost of Things Yet to Come

A couple of days ago my brother set up a Facebook fan page, after we had a discussion about the current state of internet privacy (which actually started with my housemate -- who is a model -- prior to Christmas). I just wanted to thank everyone who's been supporting it and rest assured that it will be paying off (hopefully) in the (very near) future! I've put a little teaser below...

I've had a book approved with a couple of good friends of mine and we're all really excited by it! We're just waiting now to see if it can be slotted appropriately into a publishing schedule, which'll decide whether it's a mini-series or a one-shot, but we've got our fingers well and truly crossed for the mini-series. Either way, it's been approved by all parties involved (and with amazing speed) and it's just that last little bit!

I've also got some things brewing that should make Turtle fans (particularly the ones who dug the Image comic run) and horror fans pretty happy...

I really hope everyone has had a great Christmas, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate this time of year, and all the best for the new year!

Also, here's something slightly controversial for you all -- I saw "Avatar" in 3D at IMAX and to be honest, I wasn't impressed. I knew I wouldn't be, but I hoped I was. It was enjoyable, it looked nice, but it felt like "Aliens" meets "Ferngully" and the script was sorely lacking in true substance. I also believe the 3D technology was severely under utilized. Sure the depth of field was nice with the 3D, but the eye works in such a way that so much more could have been done and made it a truly superior and memorable 3D experience.

That said, I've seen "Zombieland" three times now. I love this movie!

One final thing! I'm going to be starting a stint on Melbourne radio every Saturday evening on a show called "Positive Contact". As we said in the pitch -- "it's music you can make the toaster dance to!" It'll be broadcasting live on SYN907 fm, and hopefully we'll be able to podcast the bugger, too!


Tyr Germanic said...

the turtles news is GREAT
(post how to buy it asap if you can)
i didnt like the mutilation of the classic turtles image,
but raph and splinter were just cool.

the avatar opinion isnt controversial,more like a typical blog statement.
i loved it in non-IMAX 3d

it was like they say,oldest story in the book,but i noticed possible MMORPG addict analogies as well

Tyr Germanic said...

not to be a Douche just saying...

..the best yet.
hopefully people who know their shit can do better.maybe you.
really,thatd be the pimpest comic shit ever if you directed a tmnt film.try