Saturday, November 28, 2009

TMNT #64 Review Round-up

Well, I knew this one would probably be the most divisive when it came to the reviews, but Tales of the TMNT #64 -- my last Ninja Turtles comic (with Mirage at least) -- has hit the comic stores around the world and reviews have finally started hitting the web.

I was most interested in seeing how this one flew, as it's substantially different to all my other stories so far. A good friend of mine, and fellow TMNT writer Will Tupper told me it was my best book out of the lot(as have a few other people), which I was really pleased to hear, as I probably had the most fun writing this one and was worried I may have had TOO much fun along the way.

Anyway, here are the first lots of reviews.

The best place for all TMNT news -

Mark Pellegrini's TMNT and Comic Review blog.

Mechanistic Moth's Comic Review journal.

Walt Kneeland, of's review.

WednesdayInReview's Ian Perez's review.

Hopefully there'll be more, be they good or bad.


ADZ said...

Mine is still on its way...late shipments

Will Tupper said...
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Will Tupper said...

Absolutely meant what I said, my friend. This was, IMO, by far your best work on the Turtles (yet).

A fun story, first-person narration, and (very important to me) CHARACTER (rather than plot)driven. I'd put it right up there with some of the best of Dean Clarrain's Volume 2 Tales (i.e. Tales #6 & #27), and Dan Berger's excellent Tales #55.

Anonymous said...
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