Thursday, June 04, 2009

Life and Times of the Unemployed

So, there are a few of you out there aware of the situation with my family and the amount of financial strain this has put me under (not to mention my mother as well). I'm endlessly grateful for the support. Haven't had much luck finding extra work to support things, but I'm going away for a few days to work for a friend and try and raise some money, and as much as I thought and hoped it'd never come to this, I may have to part with a substantial amount of my comics (including TMNT) to raise some extra dosh. If there are people with holes in their collections, email me ;)

Fingers crossed at least one of these pitches I put in works out, though things do look somewhat grim for the immediate/near future.


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you?
I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

I hope you will visit my art blog, and become friendly.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Jesse Noe

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Let me know if i can help in anyway,man.