Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes... (Just not the ones I would've liked)

Okay, so, a while ago I put a post up saying that an 8 year old would be reviewing Tales #59. When I was told, I raised an eyebrow, but said "sure, whatever."

Here's that review.

As a review, it's decent, but 8 year olds aren't exactly the people visiting wanting to know about comics are they?

I know people are split about the quantity of Turtle action in my stories, but as I've said, you gotta put certain pieces in place properly before you can go to war. For those concerned -- the war starts in August.


Daniel Schwarz said...

Your comics haven't bored me yet, but it's nice to know that August's issue holds something to look forward to. Hey, that's only a month away... swweeeet...

btw Tristan, you get your copy of TMNT issue 30? Who sketched it for you?

Tristan Jones said...

Not yet mate, not yet. I was told by Dan this morning (it's 3:40 pm here) they just got #59 of Tales today, which they're sending out tomorrow with my copy of #30. I think Pete may have drawn in it but I didn't put in any specific request. To be completely honest, I just love the story, and would be happy if I got it even without anything in it!

How about you? Everyone did great jobs with those sketches! They look mad as!

Thanks for the kind words too Dan!

Daniel Schwarz said...

I got my issue 30 earlier this week, Tristan, with a really cool sketch by Eric, and I picked up my copies of Tales 57 and 58 today, but haven't read any of them yet. I figured since I already had Peter sketch issue 29 for me that I'd go with someone else this time. I'm thinking of requesting a Lawson sketch for issue 31 if he does this again.

The really cool thing I got this week, though, was a piece of original art from issue 19 of vol 1 (the return to new york story arc). It's page 12 featuring the fight between Raph and Leo. It's the only original comic art I have (or probably will ever get) but I just love it as I am a huge Raph fan and love seeing him take Leo down a peg.

Take it easy, Tristan!

Daniel Schwarz said...

LOL, the review was very cute. Also read his review of Batman and Robin 1, and this kid knows comic books.

Tristan Jones said...

I suspect a certain amount of help coming from the father though. Still, if the kid wants more Turtles there are over 50 other issues there ;)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> I beg to differ with you, Liam .. !!

There is sometimes too much Turtles !!

It makes me bananas cuz there is not enough bad guys.

In fact if i had my choice i;d just eat the Turtles and have a comic book about Hun.

and you must mean Hun is hard in TMNT II Game.. that 's where he becomes a pain and he surrounded by blasters.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> O and , T .. to quote a semi-famous Hippo..


malpractice said...

all considering that's not all that bad of a review lol.