Wednesday, May 06, 2009


There are a few cartoons I hold very near and dear. The Real Ghostbusters takes the cake, Batman: The Animated Series would come next, and while people tend to look back on the '90's as being the decade that gave us other gems like X-Men, Spiderman and Batman: The Animated Series, there is one show that really struck a chord with me and I finally got my hands on the entire run last night when I visited my local second hand dealer (I get most of my DVD's and CD's second hand... I'm a writer). The show is/was Teknoman.

Now, I'm not, and never have been a big anime person. I dug Samurai Pizza Cats and loved Neon Genesis Evangelion, but a lot of anime is just excrutiating for me to get through sometimes. I loved Ghost in the Shell, until the TV series came around... anyway, point is, this is the first "proper" anime I got into (Samurai Pizza Cats was one of those things that was so horrendously recut for Western audiences that it seems to be completely separate from the original show, it's also largely kids fare, and outside of the animation style, anime cliches or recognisable traits... so I don't count it). I haven't really sat down to watch it yet, but I'm stoked and can't wait to this weekend!


ooo-zah said...

I used to be an addicted anime watcher in the past. But since more crap started t came than good material, i am not watching many nowadays. I still consider Cowboy Bebop and Great Teacher Onizuka the best animes i watched tho. ( Sometimes i consider Bebop the best "thing" in the world, and i mean it )
When i was a small kid, there was a lesser known anime called Plawress Sanshiro i used to watch on tv. It seemed so awesome at that age. Action figure or statue sized mechas controlled by players , fighting in a ring. A few years back i watched it again. The human drawings and animations were so bad. You know the feeling you feel when you watch something again when you are gworn up and feel a it disappointed. The robots were still cool as hell tho.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. select anime / manga is very special .

'Akira ' , 'Steamboy ' .. always .. Astroboy = Classic ..

even Pokemon to a certain extent.

So many gems to love and loathe the past 30 - 50 years.

you guys already know all to well the TMNT - OVA .

.. another fave to please inquire about..

The Original Super Mario Bros. Anime

.. you'll sh7t your pants !!

.. anyway .. back to the show !!~~**

~ tOkKa said...

-->> i barely recall some ' TMNT puns , fun jabs, and references in the dubed ' Pizza - Cats ' show, Ooozah.

~ tOkKa said...

o . t .

-->> are kickin ass with that Twitter , sir .

Simon J. Green said...

Dude! I'm not a fan of anime in general. I just kind of shrug towards it indifferently - but seeing the word Teknoman made my brain spark wildly with memories. I used to watch that show on Cheez TV. I've brought it up, but no one seems to remember it. They were borthers, right?