Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tales of the TMNT #59 aka Why I'm a Writer and Not An Artist

I feel terrible for Paul. We were brainstorming some layouts for our next Turtles book (as he's making the jump from #56 to #59 as we speak) and I said I'd run off a few so he could go straight on to penciling without having to to do all the puzzle work. Now, I wrote the script to this, and I found this hard!

Here are my horrendous thumbnails/layouts. Not really much in the way of spoilers... just prepare your eyes to be hurt.

Thank you for sitting through that arduous session of optic abuse. Here is a present.


Greg said...

Haha! Dude, your art is bad-ass!

Tristan Jones said...

More like bad AND ass!

Thanks though mate, Paul will make it into gold ;)