Friday, February 27, 2009

Scripting style

If he checks this blog then he'll know exactly what this is all about! Dan S. : Sorry I didn't answer your question over on Jim's blog, but this is how I generally do mine. I'd never actually seen a "Marvel Style" page until Jim posted it.


dark turtle said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Tristan!

Daniel Schwarz said...

Ahh, cool. Thanks for posting this, Tristan. I just saw your response on the Michelangelo Blog and that directed me here (good thing too, I was unaware of your blog until now).

I'm an aspiring writer, and I just started playing with the idea of writing comic books, so it's very interesting for to see the different ways writers script their comics.

Anyways, great knowing about your blog. I'm sure I'll be frequenting it from now on. Take it easy Tristan!

Tristan Jones said...

No worries guys! I had to be careful actually, as most of my scipts have spoilery notes all the way through them, and this looked like the only really clean one!

Great to see you're on board over here too Dan! The more the merrier!
I think most of the scripts I've read have followed a similar format, which is why it was cool to see Peter's plot-style scripting over at Jim's blog.