Monday, January 19, 2009

Tales of the TMNT #54 On Sale This Week

Be sure to pick it up! This issue is written by Andrew Bonia, who I had the pleasure of meeting at NYCC last year. If I'm hearing right, Andrew J. will be present and accounted for at NYCC again this year, so be sure to get yourself a copy and get it signed by the dude himself!

Here's a sneak peak!


Greg said...

I'm a fan of the artist's creator own work so it was a def I'd get this. Plus, Tales of the TMNT is on my pull list so I have to get it! Who doesn't love the blasted Turtles??!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> F8ck F8ck F8ck @_@ !!


(( an aside, i'll report this sh7t later, so swamped.. ))..

looks like i'm nearin' D O A on NYCC as well..EEsh .. , sorry Andrew.