Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is the cover to what was originally going to be the immediate follow-up to Tales #36. It's not a sequel, but this was the first story I had in mind after Serve and Protect. This story stands on its own, but there are threads that make it flow immediately on from #56 and reference City at War and #36. Where #36 took the POV of the police, this looks at it all from the media perspective. Paul has done a scarily awesome job of making the main character look the way I imagined her!


Greg said...

Looks awesome! You know I can't wait!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..so this f7cker is a " NO GO " ..but a ' What Could have been ' ..

Tristan Jones said...

Nope, this comes out in June.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..so this is a good thing after all..?!

Tristan Jones said...

Was it ever a bad thing? ;)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> No .. i'm type this getting ready for work, discouraged and a that growing Grey cloud of disillusionment.

Cusp of a pretty derogatory email throws me for a loop, especially when i'm riding a creative high.

..alas, it seems everything i do ( no matter what i do ) remains a joke to so many minds. So it continues to appear.

I wanna be a total douche bag and cut and paste the m.f's email right out for everyone to see.

but thanks to continual energy given off by the might of Paul's work, and Trist's as well ::

Maybe i should f7cking just stay in the mindset of " SO BE IT ".

Even Dan himself told me i may just have to have to keep the " FUCK EM ALL " mentality and avoid conformity. This was a sentiment repeated to me by Kevin Eastman himself.

While these people are so dear to me.. and their words have so much resonance .. it remains ever a challenge.

I guess it's such a toss-up with this f7cked up brain of mine to see anything positive yet remain " THE COARSE ".

So many people i've known have remained facing such great adversity THEIR WHOLE F7CKING LIVES. One of the people i work for in her 80s was born in the cusp of the Great Depression and has been more than able and thankfully capable of teaching me so many hard truths. So f7cking ' Recession ' , Depression or what - not .. millions and millions have been barely scraping by with Zero security for years. It's just getting even harder for them.

Whatever.. i'm deviating..

Against the mother -f7cking hateful ,morons i shall continue to lobby to maddening effects to get my shit out there, and plans are slowly underway to get some help to get my own personal works published after a 14 year fight to find out how i'd be able to do it. Hopefully this will go thru' finally.

I shall continue to face the trudge and sludge and the anger towards my work in the video game ,comics, and toy industry .. ..

again :: SO BE IT .

This point i am married to my work and it's the only reason i keep trying in this drastic existence i NEVER asked to be born into. This bullsh6t afflicion i never asked to be born with..

but yeh ..


and yes, mother f7cking haters..

I AM lobbying for more Turtle work, even in the smallest of matters.

They always told me i'd never amount to a pile of shit or be able to make it this far ..

..and how many times do i have to prove them wrong before they get off my ass.

I guess once twice , 100s of time sis not ever enuff'.


I will get more sh7t accomplished or die trying, literally.

I have nothing, and i have nothing to loose at this point.

And these fools will continue to underestimate me til the cows come home and follow the lemmings off a cliff.

Sorry.. i am EXTREMELY agitated right now ..angry, and exhausted.

but again i draw on the work and gravitate to the artists that drive me.

You shall not ever know the power that their work gives me.

Either way .. i am a kamikaze if i like it or not.

If THEY like it or not.



Tristan Jones said...

Hey Dave, if you're having any sorta troubles you want to talk about, I'm always open to emails. You know where to hit me...

Greg said...

Man, tokka. I really dunno much to say except just keep doing your thing, man. You already know I'm digging your stuff. I'm sure I'm not or would be the only one. People just need to open their eyes up, yeah?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..all i've know how to do ' Is My Own ' thing, Greg.

These jerks act like i just fell off the apple cart.

again doesn't make my plight isn't any more or less than anyone elses ..

but i've been feeling the thin ice under my feet the past year or so.

Guess what i can do for now is make it thru' the night.

I'll email you later, T.