Monday, October 06, 2008


I know there's a lot of doom and gloom circulating around the TMNT brand in spite of the upcoming TMNT 25th Anniversary, but what I've been hearing from Publishing and what I've seen has me excited. I've never really made it a big secret that my main interest in the Turtles is and always has been the original Mirage comics. I've dug the recent cartoons (I seemed to be one of the few Fast Forward supporters for a while there), but for me the toys have been a thing of the past (in spite of how cool some of the 2k3 figures were, and the NECA figures being an exception) and the movie, while fun, wasn't my cup of tea (give me the first movie any day).

Unfortunately, the comics seem to be left behind in the general scheme of things when it comes to a considerably large chunk of the fandom and its focus, though there are number of great people out there who have been with the comics for a long time.

Anyway, back to my point... there are a couple of things in line to happen next year that I think people have been worried about to a certain extent, that should please a number of them AND give a huge number of casual Turtle fans who also happen to be hardcore comic fans something they've been asking for for a while now.

Still no definite plans for San Diego though, at least from Mirage. I just took the first steps for the trip next year though! Am excited verily!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. once again i'm left to wipe my feet off at the door and say " FINE TO TALK, I AM . " ..

gotta try to keep the faith best we can .. liking of certain TMNT Things and not : it's all ok .. Turtles live in a big world ..and we can all cheer or cheer for many aspects of it. I know i do.

But it's still ' T M N T '.. think that's a pretty big umbrella everyone can get under and have a little faith.

This sh8t been allot of things to me, good bad, and gray.

And many times in various ways it has helped me walk down from many a ledge.


i recently put a gun away, as in not using it on myself.

Someone connected to TMNTs told me that was a good thing.

so ..

.. .. ..


~~ **


Tristan Jones said...

Everything is cyclical mate. The Turtles, no matter how they were handled, were going to come and go from the public eye, and in the end, it's the TV show and toyline. The signs are there, but things could change.

Mirage will always be there, and chances are that if things go bad then it'll just be a matter of years before it comes back again. It happened with Transformers, Pokemon, Care Bears, Batman, Spiderman, the X-Men, and it's happening again with Ghostbusters. It all comes and goes, but there's always something there for the faithful few. Always. As soon as the hopefuls give up hope, then things become dire.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. well i 'll do what i can to fight, spread word, or whatever.

I ain' perfect, got allot on my plate but whatever.. this is all cyclical too.

Breaking cycles and breaking out into something better is recypricol as well.

As di is cast i mean even after something has come back, resurfaced .. doesn't mean something better still isn't on the horizon.

I should know better than i act i suppose.. but there are so many things happening right now.

It cannot all be bad.

Maybe in many regards i am stronger because of what it taught me long ago, maybe what it teaches me now, maybe what it has yet to show me.

Not sure, but i'm here for now..

and well fighting best i can.

Nothin' lasts forever, hope floats .. but yeh ..whatever hope incurs and entails, there's gotta be some semblance of it or we are all doomed in general too.

Hope i'm makin' myself clear.



Tristan Jones said...

For sure. EVERYTHING hits rough patches. It's just a question of how you deal. IF the cartoon goes, IF the toys go, the comics will still be there!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> So maybe we need to learn from Ganesha ? !


Greg said...

Well, TMNT I'm sure still can appeal to newer audiences. For example, my baby sis (of 9 years old) is as in love with the Turtles as I am. I used to be a passive fan until the recent movie which I saw with her and we both got obsessed at the same time. We both try to make sure the other is awake on Saturdays to catch the new episode, give each other out comics to read, etc. I truly think TMNT can still appeal to people, we just need to find that right medium. Movies is a great way.

Tristan Jones said...

It can, but with the companies that are involved right now, it's not doing it the way it should. I just wish more people would pay attention to the comics, because while the cartoons are fun and all, ultimately, most of what is out there is geared towards children, and the adults should be willing to let these go to the kids and focus on things that are focused on them! There might not have been such a massive hoo-hah about things amongst the hardcores (and right now, the hardcores are the only ones that give two pieces about the comics unfortunately... hopefully that will change soon!)