Saturday, September 27, 2008

Which is which?


Greg said...

That's so freakin' awesome! So, what do I win if I name them in the right order? lol

Mikey, Leo, Donnie, and Ralph

Tristan Jones said...

Oh-ho! Snap! Close but unfortunately wrong! There are some slight nuances there, particularly in terms of body structure that Paul has highlighted, which are, in my mind, very clever!

Greg said...

Hmm... well, is it Mikey, Donnie, Leo and Ralph? I originally had it like that but for some reason I changed Donnie and Leo due to the height and hands.

~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...




DOC.. ? ?

umm ..





er.. Danny, Donny, Joe, John, Jordan , Larry Curley Shep And Moe .. Curley Joe

.. UGHHH ~~~ ** - - - - -


-->> ..grrr.. !!

Greg said...


~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..think Greg's list was right, but Leo and Don should switch places on that list.


Tristan Jones said...

That's interesting that you made mention of the hands Greg! Can I ask why?

The actual line up is Mike, Don, Leo and Raph. My favourite thing of all is Mike's forearms -- gotta have some strength and control in there to do the damage with those 'chuks!

Greg said...

Well, I guess I read the hands wrong. See, I thought Donnie had his hands open as he's the one who's the least willin' Turtle to fight. Well, we know he kicks butt, but unlike the others, he doesn't just always jump in, he's the thinker. And basically the hands sorta made me think of the ones who are always pumped to fight and all, heh. But it does seem like Donnie's hands are bigger than Leo's, and maybe that could showcase him holding his staff and all. I dunno....

Summer said...

I also thought it was M, L, D and R. For some reason, I always pictured Leo as being the tallest and leanest of the four. Mike and Raph were easy to pick out. Mike's got the muscles and Raph's scowling.