Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tales #50 FINALLY out!

After a weird distributing error on behalf of Diamond last week, which saw only a handful of stores in the United States and across the globe get their copies, Tales of the TMNT #50 has finally hit the shelves!

I must thank those who have read it so far and let me know what they thought (Greg, Tok, looking your way... and to those who got through to me via email and The Technodrome!), as this story, while rather different from the last, has a lot of home in it (literally!), so I'm glad people have liked it so far!

I'm still hammering out these Ghostbusters images and there are some pretty exciting ideas coming along with them, but I'll get on to them once all this (ever expanding) illustrative work starts to wrap up...


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Repeat :: ..most excited about Razor Back ..

.. i'm in love with the Jersey Devil.

And you and Paul threw some extra suprize monsters in there for us .. that was too fun.

Overall was dark, moody atmosphere .. but it wasn't like an over DARK DANK DEPRESSING thing .. it was pretty exciting and fun.

The coolest little bit its that it gave the enforcer officer from TALES v1 # 6 a name.


.. i like that loose end tied up.

Well done.

Anyway .. i still think Razor Back is a Mandalorian. I hope he comes back.


Tristan Jones said...

Glad you picked up on the atmospheric change there Tok! And that you dug the first name thing.
Razorback is part Mandalorian... ;) He's definitely coming back too...