Monday, September 15, 2008

Monsterism #59

Monster: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Movie: King Kong

Before the T-Rex in Jurassic Park came along, this was my favourite movie Dinosaur. I was always bummed that Kong beat the absolute Christ out him, but was thrilled every time I saw this sequence. The above shot is my favourite kind of shot -- you see something threatening at a distance and there's that moment of uncertainty as to whether or not it's seen you. Wrong Turn (say what you want) and Alien are both great examples of films where this same sort of thing happens, and it always scares the shit out of me for some reason. It's like there's time to get away, but you're not sure what these things are capable of. I dunno, my brain is starting to leak...


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..hey, dingo-ling..

i do have a passion for the Vastatosaurus thinkin' tho' the V-rexes need to take moment of silence and bow their head to their honour of their great grandfather.

Poor, T.. **kinda know the feeling and what it's like to piss a big gorilla off and be on the wrong end of the hairy knuckles .. >v<

Greg said...

I freaking loved Wrong Turn. That was an absolute blast to watch.

Tristan Jones said...

While I liked the remake of Kong when I first saw it, I can't bring myself to watch it again. I LOVE everything that involves the dinosaurs but find everything else such an incredible drag! It suffers a wee bit of LOTR syndrome in that everything you want to look at is moving so fast during the action sequences that you lose the beauty of what it is. That's why I love these long, intimidating shots. Something aggressive is frightening yes, but something that is calculative and driven and doesn't muck around with frenzied chaos and mindless destruction is far more frightening in my mind.

Have you seen the second Wrong Turn Greg?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> don't understand ..

Kong became over a year event of gruelling waiting, agonizing ..and me kicking and screaming. Asking so many questions in regards to the movie and like every other aspect of my f7cking existence i get shafted, shunned and kicked out of the ' community ' and am left in my own little corner to anticipate one of the greatest KONG remakes ever.

No .. it doesn't suffer from L O T R lengthavitis..

the damm film lavishes in it.

Kong was the only film ever where i was in so much joy and agonizing pain all at the same time. While L O T R was so damm drawn out and so long and f6cking boring .. i had to start digging my own burial plot in the back of the cinema and making funeral arrangements. ( Golem was only life saver for me ).

KONG kept my interest ..and my heart beating. The rendition between the techno / and Andy S. was just so f7cking incredible i wa salmost hoping Kong would hop outta the screen and carry me away and out into the jungle.

God.. it was J.Black's darkest role i can recall ..and was warped but faithful at the same time.

P.J. dragged it and drugged it and took crap not in the original Kong and threw it in there.

It was worse than B D S M with a yeti. And while you love the yeti so much you so wish he's stop lashin' you on the tookus cuz goddamm that effin' whip might as well be like being lashed by barbed wire in the hands and muscles of the yeti.

NO .. Kong.. for what it is ..

and what it was .. is my favourite P J achievement next to the frighteners..

and it's torcherous and must be kept separate from all other KONG films..

.. anymore i can only watch it in increments beacause of the length. The film drives me nuts and the extra-super duper extended majended edition volume 4 that came out the other year is extra longer than Donkey Kong's dong and might as well have been released as a 64 volume set.

UGGHHH ~~ **


The film .. just god..

i love it so much ..

cuz the sad everything you say about it is correct..

and just so wrong.

and i hope when i die i fall off the Empire State Building so gloriously with Peter JAckson shooting at me in a W W i era bi-plane.


Greg said...

Heh heh, tokka. Great post as always.

Hmm, I actually enjoyed both LOTR and Kong movie. Ah well.

And nah, I haven't seen Wrong Turn 2. I heard it isn't as good and I've yet to see it play on television. How was it? How does it compare to the thrill ride that was the first one?