Thursday, August 07, 2008

Navajo Word for Cursed?

If anyone knows or can find out, please let me know!


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Ross said...

It would be difficult to get a word like that. Most Native languages (including Cree and Dene, which I am most familiar with) don't even have swear words that naturally occur. I realise "curse" isn't a swear word, but the related concept is kind of foreign. The closest would be to simply make reference to an evil spirit, which is what we were talking about with the Weetigo.

Cool artwork!

Tristan Jones said...

Thanks Ross, I opted for Manitou, which is an animal based spirit (generally with evil connotations), and lends itself to the werewolf mythos. Admittedly, those believed to be possessed by or actually be Weetigos (or wendigo) display symptoms similar to lycanthropy, descriptions of the being leaned more towards a bogeyman like entity, I was hoping there'd be a name for a ritual or something along those lines, but I couldn't turn anything up.

Ross said...

Manitou has evil connotations? That's news to me. I'm familiar with Kitche Manitou, a great creating spirit that is quite comparable to the Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) concept of God.

If you're interested in transformations, you should also research Nanabush/Weesagechak (that's Ojibwa and... Cree? been a while). It's the "trickster figure," but has an origin story that could've come right out of Greek mythology. Also quite similar to the Monkey King.

Tristan Jones said...

I'm basing that off the books I picked up at Uni. It's a fairly general animal spirit, but the books were about lycanthropy and probably biased. I couldn't find much useful online, or much on Navajo or Anazasi mythology in the library either unfortunately.

I'll have to check that out. I'm just making sure that the fictional elements have a sound background.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. just a few miles north of Manitou Springs, the place i was telling you about..

..obscure sightings of ' BIG FOOT ' or lycanthromorphic ( if that's even a word ) type beings had been reported here and there as i was growing up around these goofy parts. Not sure what to say about 'em.

Perhaps there is more to ' The Springs' ..and Manitou .. i mean the town.

Tristan Jones said...

Crazy! Have you got any cool links I could check out? I'm a massive cryptid nut (as you'll see in TMNT #50)!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i'm pretty hard-core into cryptozoology myself ( tho' i recon that your mind is able to focus, identify, and recall the history of much of in a much more stable light than mine ).

I'm also relatively intrigued in the theories connecting U F O-oligy to cryptozoology. Example :: One theory i heard long ago ..that the Grays or Zetas [whatever they call 'em ] were somehow allowing the " BIGFOOTs " in.. meaning that the Yetis and such were actually from other dimensions. There was more to this theory than i am stating with much more justice..but well. ;/

I love also the merging and blurring of the fantastic legends of olde. Like the dragons of old tales like in the Orient & medieval stories possibly being real in the sense that the creatures may be some form of 'pre-historic' like creatures such as dinosaurs or Pteradons.

Like when the old mariners of centuries ago used to think that the manatees were beautiful mermaids.

Cryptozoology may be a study of something very specific.. and i am no form of scientist ( tho' i wish i was ) ..but i think what's special about it is that it is allowed to blur into beyond just popular culture like with what you are doing with your own comic stories, TMNT, and what you see on X-files..

i think it also helps us in a way theorize & try to understand human-nature, the mind, culture, and history.

Tossing into your Religion Commentary ..

Why should the cryptids even be confined out of that ??

Yeh like your Manitous and lycanths.

Cryptids = spiritual things .. angels ??

I think the discussions can blur & deffly go into such categories.


You want links and info in regards to the Town ??

Sorry i am not forming words all that well in my mind and even as i type. I'm half awake right now., so i must be coming across as really f7ckin' moronic.

It's like 4 A . M. hour on my side of the planet.


Tristan Jones said...

You're reading fine, but damn dude, get some sleep!

I had heard a number of different theories about bigfoot, and I tend to lean in the direction of dragons = living prehistoric relics, as I'm a believer in the possibility that there may be dinosaurs still living in certain parts of the world. My favourite cryptid has always been mokele mbembe though.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i'll rest soon.

My fave cryptid is um..

The Magic Pudding.


Fond of the Chupa allot, but the Zeta phenom from the 80s-90s on seems to be the one i'm the most in awareness of ( even tho', no pun intended .. it's a "Grey Area" ).

Prolly the most special Cryptoid ::
The Kappa !!

Serious.. much of Japanese mythology involves many strange & wonderful things and the claims of the Kappa's existence is something even beyond just Japanese folklore. People even still today warn their children to watch out for the water imps.

Yeh i know the TMNT connection, but my father got me interested in this stuff even before i was into Turtles hard-core.

Dammit, Trist.. you really gotta see the classic and the newer Yokai movies !!

Anyway.. here is the site for the magical tourist trap **Manitou Springs ..

..and here is my**** Manitou set.

Only check it if you want to.


~ tOkKa said...

-->>, bud.. i made the local paper .. ;]

hee hee

** ** the montauk monster