Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Untold Tales of the TMNT

My good friend Ross May has posted the outlines and a commentary on his unpublished Tales of the TMNT comics that served as a follow-up to #22 (Change of Power) over at his LiveJournal page. I highly recommend everyone check it out, as it's a shame it never hit the shelves. Hit the link over to the right amidst the others to get there!

In other news, I'm really X-cited, as today I'm seeing the new X-files movie! I've been ploughing through the episodes on DVD again in anticipation and can't wait! I was super obsessed with the paranormal through my school years. There's even a pretty funny bit in my 6th grade year book that someone put in for me which I'll dig up and scan at some point soon. Either way, super psyched! I really dug the DC/Wildstorm X-files book that came out last night too!

Oh, and one more thing! Go and get Tales of the TMNT #48! It came out last night, and has a story by me in the back! Hope you all enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You know, we are "good friends." In fact, you're my best e-friend. Awww.

I never watched that much of "X-Files," but you know what I did watch? Its short-lived spinoff "The Lone Gunmen." It was quirky and funny, and I appreciated the fact that some stories were just about plain ol' conspiracies and not something supernatural.

You ever seen "Torchwood?" Man, I like Dr. Who, but I don't know why this show even has a fanbase. It's like the power glove, it's so BAD.

greg said...

Your back story at the end of this week's Tales seem pretty intense! And the art complimented the script really well, I loved it. Does this tie in to your run?

Tristan Jones said...

It might... it doesn't tie into anything coming next year (yet), but it did spin out of something I hope to pitch when the time comes...

Thanks for the kind words too! You ought to check out the rest of Kennon's stuff!