Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just handed in the second draft of Expose`. It's all moving along!


greg said...

Haha! Damn, son, you're really on a roll! Great job. Lately my head's been in a dry spell of writer's block for WEEKS and my cousin has tapped me to write something in an anthology now that someone else has dropped out. Ugh! But I've an idea, I just need to find time to write.

Tristan Jones said...

That's the big thing isn't it? Time! It's kinda funny, I wrote the sequel/follow-up to my next comic before I wrote... my next comic! Kind of retroactively writing!

You'll be fine though dude, got a good head on your shoulders!

greg said...

Thank you, Trist! I appreciate that. :)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..your damm radio show don' work !!


♦ ♦

O. T . ..

Dark Knight..

..my faith is restored in Two - Face.


Tristan Jones said...

Bugger, I had it workin' the other day... I'll have a play around.

greg said...

Face is restored?! Why were you even doubting Two-Face in the first place!??

greg said...

Faith is restored*

~ tOkKa said...

Saving Face ~*
* *
-->> Since i was a kid.. Two - Face was always one of the coolest, darkest, and maybe even the most fun of all the BatMan bad guys. May even love above all the BatMan cast (( well next to Penguin.. n'a few others )).

Batman Forever .. i may have hated that movie even more so than Batman and Robin, Tommy Lee Jones helped turn 2-face into a joke ( tho' it wasn't entirely his fault ), and i was very discouraged, outside of the animation appearances that he could be portrayed in any light respectively like i honestly feel the character deserves.

Aaron portrayed him not only above what i'd hoped, .. but beyond what i anticipated.

The effect was perfect.

Again not to downplay the Joker..

.. but Two-face made this film for me, like Scare-crow made the first ( also glad Cillian had at least a small role in this film ) .

Dark Knight is my second fave BatMan film now, only BatMan Returns remains on top to me.

Still .. Aaron and the effects made one of the greatest ( in my pea brain ) and underrated / tragic comic villains just absolutely so f7cking cool !!


greg said...

Oh, ok, I understand. But I'm a HUGE Two-Face fan and not even Batman Forever has made me lose faith in the character. When I watch Forever, I just pretend Two-Face is a serious dark character and not Joker-lite. The movie is a better watch that way for me, heh...

Also I LOOOVE Batman Returns. I'm debating which I prefer between this and Dark Knight as personal favorite, but I'm choosing DK simply because Nolan did a kick-ass job with my favorite character! I would have loved to see how Burton would have done Two-Face.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..safe to say, Greg.. you prolly are 10 X the BatMan fan i am ..

I didn't mind the Carrey's Riddler in that film at least. I also liked one thing about Two - Face's personality, that he needed two girl friends : Sugar and Spice. Pretty Brilliant. So it was ALL bad for me.

It still is just so hard for me to warm to that version of 2 - face.

In the animation , Dini and crew's take on him was not only decent but the one i applauded the most.

But yeh i was just so worried that a take back to live action would render him "F9cked - up " again i mean in the character sense.

I've never doubted the character at all in general .. but i was always nervous about a take on him in live action.

Again .. my breath was taken away by Aaron.

You are right Nolan respects these characters alot. They aren't just " CAMP " .. and i'm starting to see yours and Tristian's view on this.

And yeh a " Burton" take would have been .. i bet something actually quite beautiful.


greg said...

Something that came to mind last night when I was thinking about Two-Face from Batman Forever was that Sugar, his girlfriend from his "good side" was evil and working and committing crimes with Riddler and Two-Face happily with no questions asked.

And I HATE that scene of Two-Face constantly flipping the coin for his desired result.

Tristan Jones said...

Animated Harvey is still my favourite!

greg said...

This'll always be one of my absolute favorite Harvey quote.

Two-Face: Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy: It's been a long time, Harvey. You're still looking halfway decent.
Two-Face: Half of me wants to strangle ya.
Poison Ivy: And what does the other half want?
Two-Face: To hit ya with a truck.
Poison Ivy: We used to date.
The Joker, The Penguin, Killer Croc: Ah.

Haha! I loved how Dini wrote Two-Face.

Poison Ivy: So, Harvey, what became of the giant penny?
Two-Face: They actually let him [Batman] keep it!

I also loved the first Two-Face episode when Thorne tried to blackmail him and Harvey got pissed, calmed down, smiled, "Only one problem..." then that hard-rock Two-Face voice came and said, "You're talking to the wrong Harvey."

Heh, sorry I got carried away. I just love that character. :D Heh, if you remember, Trist, I was even wearing that I Believe In Harvey Dent shirt when we met...

~ tOkKa said...

-->. ..i believe in greg..