Monday, May 12, 2008

This Week's Comic Lot


Malpractice said...

Tristan, no indie books ?

glad to see you are picking up Morrison's Batman though, that is one of my favorite book currently on the stands.

Tristan Jones said...

Hey Dude!

No, no indies this week unfortunately, nothing's grabbing me enough to go out and buy it. My brother is starting on Soleil (the French book Marvel is translating) so I'll check that out at least. Oh and Serenity! I missed that one! I'm also a big fan of Walking Dead, but it's a trade only read for me.

Did you find that Jezebel's discover was a little sudden? To be honest, as much as I love Morrison's run, Jez seems totally underdeveloped to be dropping that bomb that soon.

Malpractice said...

really? there is so much great indie stuff though. Casanova, Wasteland, Transhuman, Echo, Invincible, Glamourpuss, Mouse Guard, RASL, The Killer, Comic Book Comics, Thirteen Steps, Atomic Robo, and the list goes on.

On the topic of Jezebel Jet, i do feel she is the weakest part of Morrison's overall flawless run on Batman so far. She totally dosen't seem like someone bruce would be into (atleast not "reveal your secret identity to" into lol) , and she's just not all that intresting in general. But i do have to wonder if maybe that's the point. The character is basically a weak version of Silver St. Cloud, and it seems like Morrison is almost making a comment on the predictablity of this scenario and how it needs to change. I'll have to wait and see though.

Tristan Jones said...

This is true, but not all of those are out this week, and my post US trip bank account is currently in a great deal of pain!

That said, if I were to get some indies this week it would definitely be:

Casanova (I read up to #8 I think, but money and books I'd been enjoying more took priority)
BPRD (Love BPRD and Hellboy)
Red Sonja (Reading it collected)
Star Wars (just took all these out of my bag at the shop, opted for trades - especially with Dark Horse doing such a great job on the omnibus books)
Walking Dead (see above post).

Hmm... this convo has inspired a new blogpost...