Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Multi-Monster Madness! Scanning Insanity!

I spent the whole afternoon scanning. Of course, when I got towards the end of my epic scan-fest, the computer crashed. Over a hundred pictures and a decent few hours of pure tedium all suddenly down the toilet. The following survived.


The Scarecrow of Oz
Cretlin Cavalry
Flying Monkey

And here's some monsterism... y'know... In case you missed it...

Monster: The Pods
Movie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
I've said in previous monsterisms why this movie is so effective. Check out the bum-dog entry.

Monster: The Dragon of the North Sea
Movie: Eric The Viking
The movie wasn't exactly stellar. I know it definitely has it's fans so I won't go into my reasons for not really liking it, all I'll say is that when I watched this as a kid I was always hanging out for two bits. This one, with the Dragon of the North Sea, simply because it was a dragon, and the scenes taking part in Valhalla, because they were creepy. I think if this film had a larger budget we probably would've got a better look at the beast, but the moment itself was enough for me, and from the brief glimpse above, it probably would've looked pretty cool in full.

Monster: The Gorax Giant
Movie: The Caravan of Courage
Another monster from a childhood favourite. The Gorax was a pretty terrible effect, but this was a telemovie. I think it's my Star Wars fanboyism that makes this creature cool to me - knowing all the backstory and history of the beast (everything us in the know call "Expanded Universe" stuff)!

Monster: Gwangi
Movie: The Valley of Gwangi
God, I love Harryhausen. It's almost a genre in itself (and even has a section at JB Hi-fi)! The Valley of Gwangi is one of those matinée classics that too few have heard of and probably even fewer have seen! It revolves around a hidden valley in Mexico that is home to a variety of prehistoric creatures, and when a show promoter decides to go all "King Kong" and capture the fabled Gwangi (an Allosaurus), shit hits the fan spectacularly. It's a classic fantasy - cowboys vs dinosaurs, with fantastic special effects for the time.

Monster: Malificent
Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my favourite Disney movies. The visual style and animation was considerably different to what had come before it and what followed after, and Malificent was always one of the creepiest villains Disney put out there. In a perfectly executed finale, Malificent turns herself into the monstrous dragon you see above.

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