Thursday, September 06, 2007

Daily Monsterism #15

Monster: The Mothman
Movie: The Mothman Prophecies

There's no denying how creepy this film is. The Mothman Prophecies sounds pretty ridiculous if you're not familiar with the subject matter, and even if you are, it's not exactly the world's best title for a film. Still, anyone who's seen Mark Pellington's horror mystery will be able to tell you how good this movie is. Richard Gere is fantastic, as is Alan Bates and Laura Linney, but the real stars of this film are the production crews. The cinematography and editing are both really tight, and the sound editor gives us one of the creepiest soundscapes and possibly one most chilling audio experiences of cinema. Anyway, you get fleeting (we're talking like 2 frame) glimpses of the titular cryptid, all of which are really effective (such as the BOO! moment shown above), and the Mothman is just something that I find endlessly fascinating.

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