Monday, August 20, 2007

Best News in Ages

Musically speaking, my life has had a big hole in it since the break up of UK rock outfit Reef. They were, and still are, my favourite band of all time. I was shattered when the Stone Temple Pilots split, but I saw it coming - that same year Reef split, and my two favourite bands were no more. STP became Velvet Revolver and Army of Anyone, both very good bands in their own rights, and while their efforts are definitely kick arse, I still wanted my Reef, or some semblance of it. Low and behold, through my random checking of wikipedia, I discover this:

Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant, the vocalist and the bass player from Reef have put together a new band. I am fuckin' ecstatic!

In other news, I bought the first season of the 80's Twilight Zone today, which is something I'd hang out for every Friday and Saturday night at midnight when it was airing here on cable television YEARS ago. It's almost hilarious seeing all these big stars from the 80's in these episodes, and seeing Bruce Willis - with hair - in his younger days (especially after having just seen Live Free or Die Hard). Anyone remember an actor named William Atherton? He played Walter Peck in Ghostbusters. He's another one featured in the show! Anyway enough of my nerd-ranting and geeking out.

At the moment, I'm reworking the proposal to the sequel to Tales of the TMNT #36, so pray for that one with me peeps, and I've got to go in for another round of bloodtests tomorrow. Fun and games.

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