Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Made This!

This is one of the few things I've created that I'm truly happy with. Often I'll build/create/write/draw/whatever something and, although I like what I've done and there's a definite sense of accomplishment, I'm very rarely truly happy with the final product. This is one of the few that I'm happy to flash about. This was the very first 'proper' short film I ever made. We built the room itself in the recreation room of My Old Man's primary school during the holiday period, shot the whole thing in a day and a half (after a horrifying debacle that I'll talk about another time), and the whole thing cost less than 500 doshi.

Emma - who had never acted before - saved me and my film by stepping in in the eleventh hour (on her birthday too, which I completely forgot about) and doing everything perfectly, Walsh's job on the sound is borderline ridiculous, Bill, who shot the majority of the film, is someone I'll never be able to repay for the job he did (talk about having a video feed straight from the brain), Brown, who's moral support during the stressful first couple of days shooting is, again, something I'll never be able to repay in full. Al... you're just fucking awesome. And Ball... well...


Anyway, the point is, everyone's effort and work that went into this, that helped make this the film it is for me personally, means more than anything to me. So sit back, and try to enjoy.

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