Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Edited Tales going to press

Another forty or so minutes and it's back to stacking shelves for me...

A couple of bits of comic news for you, the one other person reading this. My TMNT comic went to press today (or yesterday, if you're from the US)! From the looks of things, it's scheduled for a July 10 release, which is exactly what I'd hoped for as it means the comic will be out before I head over to San Diego and New York! In other comic news, my second Fast Forward story for Titan Magazines over in the UK will be released on the 2nd of August. I'll be posting a preview when I get a bit more time and am not completely zoned from the monotony that is my work.

I had to do some last minute editing of a scene in Tales #36 this morning, too! Man, what an experience... The scene was largely expositional, kind of bringing new readers up to date a bit, without being too obvious about it. I think I cut about a third of the dialogue down, I'll see if I can post the original page along with the various edits that followed if the powers that be allow it (though it won't come until after the comic is out, if it does - can't go spoiling too much!).

Last week I put forward a letter of inquiry to Marvel Comics to test the waters. If anything comes of it, you can trust I'll post it here, but I thought I might as well find out what I can and how it all works. Hopefully I'll hear soon either way...

Anyway, must bail, speak to you all (?) soon.



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