Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know How I Know? Episode 4

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This is the fourth episode of a radio show I take part in with a very good friend of mine. As this particular episode wasn't live, we had to remove the game review for timing. As conceited as it may sound... I like the sound of my own voice (I was preparing myself to shrivel up in embarrassment)!

Just some background here. Simon and I became friends as we were both film students a couple of years ago, and friends with Dave Jackson of Modern Gentlemen (an indie comic published right here in Melbourne!). Dave and Simon used to host The Last Radio Show on the Left, which was a late night radio sketch comedy show (I think if you go to, or if you google Pleasant Productions, you should be able to find some sketches online). Simon now runs his own production company, as does Dave (while studying Media, like myself), and also hosts the linked radio show!

Nicci Reid, who does the music bit after me also went to film school with us.

Don't really know the others though...

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